Tuesday, July 14, 2009

11:20 pm July 14
Kids are asleep. Bags are pretty much packed. Neighbours continue to drop in. Had a big shindig last night, thinking we'd focus on packing tonight. Clearly it'll somehow all come together. We've been pampered by Matt and Renee, who've traveled out from St. Paul, Minnesota to travel with us the first two and a half weeks. Their kids Adam, 5, and Claire, 3, are great company for our guys. While we've been packing they've been serving up the food from our now cleared out fridge and cleaning up after us too. Tomorrow four bicycles/tamdems, five kids, and four adults will head out.

We're excited, we were born mentally ready and whatever we forget, we either don't need or experience will provide. The next posts should be from the boys. Ride on.

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