Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cruising California by Cadillac Continued...

We're at the tail end of almost three weeks off the bikes. We are READY to travel by two wheels again. The fast life of the freeway is not for this family of five. However, the desire to visit family "drove" us to the alternative transportation. As Rick said yesterday when we pulled back into Bishop, "now we don't have to get back in a car for the rest of the journey".

What we did and saw:
San Diego, Sam and Lars, Brad and Amy, Sea World
Los Angeles, Uncle Dan and Aunt Felina, Cousin Daniel, Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Huntington Gardens, two stitches for Tarn (a coffee table incident), Disneyland with Grandaddy Mac
San Luis Obispo, Uncle Bill, Farmers Markets and new shoes for Tarn and Sampson

Thank you to all for the gracious welcomes and the fun times spent with you.

Now we really are planning to get back on the bikes tomorrow. Death Valley still awaits and maps for the Baja are in our pannier library. Back to the familiar...the unknown of travel by bicycle.

Sampson writes...Huntington Gardens Today we went to Huntington Gardens. First we went to park and then went to check in. After, we were walking to the Kids' Garden and there were statues of naked old long bearded people. Then we got to the Kids' Garden. In the Kids' Garden we went through a little door and under bamboo trees. Then we got to ta part where little water spouts were spraying out forming a little dome. We stuck our hands in and it wasn't wet inside. After the Childrens' Garden we went in the big glass garden. Inside the garden were trees, plants and a pond of fish. Then we went to the "cloud forest" that was in the glass garden. In the "cloud forest" it was more of a bog and wetlands place. First we went to the side of the door and tested how much acid was in a pitcher plant. It was around 2 and 3. Then we pressed a button and little helicopter seeds went up in circles. It was telling us how they traveled in the wind.

Sampson's Disneyland experience, as entered in numerous daily journal entries for weeks following the actual day:

"The Entering of Disneyland"

Today we went to Disneyland. We walked from our hotel to Disneyland and got tickets and a "First Time at Disneyland" pin. Then we went to the entrance and there were pumpkins shaped like Mickey and Donald Duck. Then we went in and went to the "Tiki Room" and heard about the gods of rain and wind and the weather. When we went in the "Tiki Room" the little parrots and toucans started singing a song, then the white parrots came in and sang a song. The birds looked like they were real but they were really puppets.

After we did the "Tiki Room" we went to the "Amazon" boat ride. First we got in line. Then we got in the boat and I was in front. Next the boat started and we were in the "Amazon Jungle" with hippos in the water and elephants in the jungle. There were also apes, one of them had a rifle and there was a flipped over tour jeep. And there were "head hunters". At the end of the boat tour little Paranas jumped out of the water. Then we got off the boat.

After the "Amazon River Tour" we went to "Tarzan's Tree House". First we went up long circle stairs on a tree trunk. At the top we went on a bridge over to another tree trunk. Then we saw a little house in the tree with "Tarzan" as a baby with a "gorilla" holding him. It said that he was raised by the gorilla and grew up to be a strong man. Then we went across another bridge and saw a table with pots and pans that were used a instruments. We banged on the pots and pans with metal bars.

After "Tarzan's Tree House" we went across a bridge and around and under the bridge into the line of "The Pirates of the Caribbean". Then we got in a dark room with lots of pirates and parrots singing. Later we got on a boat. Then the boat started and there was a pirate in a house in the water smoking a pipe. After we went down a long cave underground. Then there were skeletons with maps and brides dancing and laughing. Then we went to another room with pirates having fights with guns. The we went up and got out of the boat and walked out.

After "The Pirates of the Caribbean" we went to the "Haunted House". First we got in line for about ten minutes. Then we got in a little share seat. Then we started and there was a big dining table with a chandelier. Then there was Jack as Santa Claus laughing. Then we got out, I like that ride.

After the "Haunted House" we walked to "Splash Mountain" and got in line, (Tarn and Markos and Dad went on the Pooh Bear ride). Then we got in a "log" with seats in it. Next we went up a hill and went into the "Briar Patch" and lots of big birds were singing with Brer Bear and Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit all tied up on a stick. Then we went down and around then back up. Then we went straight down and around and got out. I really like that ride.

...As you can see, Sampson thoroughly enjoyed Disneyland. Time is limited at the moment, I will add the continuation of his documentation of the experience at a later time.

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