Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Road Family Expands

"Keep your expectations low, that way you'll always be happy," a joke Rick and I often make, actually the opposite of how we run our lives. We simply know things always work out. So Halloween is coming...where will we be?...for my sugar-starved children (especially Sampson), The thought of missing the bags of candy loot likely kept him up at night. Outwardly however, he appeared to be taking it in stride. We likely would be wild camping out in the desert when,.. Guess What! We pull up on a group of RV's out parked in public land. While we had just stopped in for some water, we find ourselves amongst a bunch of grandparents ready to take on our kids as their own. We scrape together some costumes from some miscellaneous desert debris (recycled remnants of a former mining camp) and three little goblins, or actually a ghoul, a monkey and a robot appear. Our RV friends have gathered all kinds of goodies: grapes, oranges, activity books, and of course the candy that anyone enjoying the good life seems to have around. Halloween happens whether you expect it or not. THANK YOU!!!

Markos writes: We went to a campground that had a pool that had a shower and when you swam under the shower it felt like rocks. Today we are camping in a big place that has lots of big trees all over like a tree fort and we found trees we could climb. It was fun. Tomorrow we will ride into Baker and get some food and water, then get on the bikes and ride through the Mojave Desert.

"Biscuit on a Stick" compliments of our RV family in Furnace Creek
Heat up the end of your stick in the fire and turn it round on a stick of butter. Firmly wrap a stretched out biscuit on the end of the stick, sealing up the end. Roast slowly and evenly over the fire until evenly golden and cooked. Slide the cooked biscuit off the end and fill the stick hole with jam, or cheese and bacon, or... whatever!

A side note...While formerly RV drivers had seemed to be rather anti-biker in general (as a whole RV's have given us the least amount of space on the road), our latest escapades with the seniors who inhabit them have been most enjoyable. Perhaps, like most things, getting to know the people and share experiences is the best education of all. RV's seem to be giving us more space already and perhaps the more RV drivers we meet, the more respect bikes will receive.

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