Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rolling Across the Border, Mexico At Last

Markos' journal, Dec. 3
Today we started our day going to the post office and sending two notes. Then we went flat for a while and then went down hill and it was very windy. And then we turned left and went uphill and we saw Tecate from the top and we went down into Tecate.

Sampson's journal, Dec. 3
Today we woke up in Potrero with Mo and Tom. Then we had oatmeal with syrup. It was really good. Later we played ball while dad and mom packed up. When we were ready to go Mo and Tom said, "Goodbye!" and we rode up and down to Tecate. Before we went to Tecate we had to get a visa for 180 days. In Tecate we went to the bakery and got some fresh goodies. Then we went to a taco shop and I got a taco. Later we rode out of town. We found a big water park that was closed and we waited until a truck came up and said we could camp there. We had a good night.

Tarn writes, Dec. 4
We are camping at a winery and there is a zip-line next to us and it has a swing on it.

Waiting/watching the bikes at the border, Tanya writes:
"I Think I Know Why I Like Mexico"

It's being yet disappearing within a realm of hustle and noise
It's bits and pieces of words - a pleasant mixture of sound and meaning
Dry, dusty brown - healthy green, vibrant red, growing in a pot or can.

Roadworks, gravel, chunks of broken cement
Uneven sidewalks, wandering dogs, chained gnashing teeth scoundrels

Chipped paint, graffiti block-letter signed walls
Bent rebar, miscellaneous barbed wire.

Warm sunlight through haze
Uniformed vests, short sleeves on muscled chests
Identification name cards hanging on neck bands, slicked, styled hair.

Walking people - bags/purses.

Brown skin, black hair, hues of magenta, orange, red
Faces of nationalities - light to dark, striking to over-looked.

Refuse, piles of mixed debris
Plant matter, crushed plastic bottles, and muddy wrinkled up plastic bags

A greeting, time taken to spend the time, seemingly siempre agradable
Laughter, smiles or a smoke to share.


  1. Hi Everyone!
    Congratulations on getting yourselves (safely) to Mexico!! I've read every word on your blog and it looks like you are having the most amazing time.

    Eat lots of tacos!ave one for us.
    Places to see : Mazunte - turtle sanctuary
    Zipolite- only a few KMs from Mazunte - yoga, candles, nudity, cool vibe

    Maruata- camp on the abandoned runway in front of the military base. Watch for turtles!

    Enjoy! Liz and Remy Tompkins

  2. We are so glad to hear you made it! It was great having you at the Orphan Thanksgiving, our door is always open for you! Did you take a dip in the hot springs at the bufadero??? Safe travels!


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