Sunday, January 10, 2010

Onwards To The Sea of Cortez

Markos loses his first tooth!

Tanya, observations from the window of Linda's guest RV trailer, Loreto
a.m.: I glance up from breakfast to see a pick up drive by, a long legged dog rides a top a large water tank in the back
p.m., view out the same window: on a cement veranda two kids play ball while their older brother plays an 80's style stand up video game

Learning about culture by observation - it's fun.

Tarn's journal:
Dec 30 Today we saw cave paintings.
Jan 2 Today we got lost on a dusty road but it ended up ok.

Markos' journal:
Dec 30 Today we had pancakes for breakfast and we had syrup on the pancakes and it was very good. After breakfast we went on a mule trip and a tree brushed my hat off and dad picked my hat off the floor and the mules kept walking. I had a white mule and Sampson had a brown one. Tarn had a brown one too.
Jan 1 Today was a short day. We biked up a hill then we went down a hill then it was flat into the town. Mom bought two Tecate beers, then we went to a tube fixing place and we tried to fix our ball but we couldn't. We went down a dirt road to an RV Park but mom didn't like it so we went somewhere else.
Jan 2 Yesterday we had oatmeal with prunes. After breakfast we started to pack up. Then a person offered us to use their kayak and first Sampson and I went in it. Then Sampson and Tarn and I went in it. Then I went in it by myself. Then Sampson went in it by himself. When we were done we went.

Sampson's journal:
Jan 5 Today we woke up and got dressed while Kathy (we were the guests of Chuck and Kathy at Playa Santispac) was making pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast we went kayaking in the ocean and Dad and Tarn shared a kayak and Markos and I had our own. We paddled all the way to the sandy beach and back. Then we went on a boat ride to go to the islands. Later we had quiet time. After quiet time Kathy took us to the beach and mom and dad went sailing.
Jan 6 Today we woke up and Kathy made eggs and bacon for breakfast. After breakfast we took a walk up a mountain and by the beach and picked up trash. Then we did our math while Dad made a picnic lunch for the beach. At the beach we made sandcastles and played frisbee and had a picnic lunch. Then we walked home and I carried a big piece of rock with a starfish, seaweed, a pearl oyster and coral. Then we went home and had carne asada for dinner.
Jan 8. Today we woke up and Dad made cream of wheat for breakfast. After breakfast we fed the seagulls corn tortillas and there was lots of them. The we packed up and went. Later we had lunch at a beach called "Buenaventura". We had lunch under a little palapa and after lunch Dad and I went to the restaurant and got some cervesas and we met a girl we could stay at with in Loreto that had four dogs, three ducks, two parakeets, two desert tortoises and one cockatoo. Then we rode to a sandy beach and camped out there. We made lots of sand castles.
Jan 9 Today we woke up and had oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast Dad packed up while we did school. Later we biked for a bit and then we had a break. An hour later we had peanut butter and jelly tortillas for lunch and apple. After lunch we biked 40 km and then asked for some water at a restaurant and they filled up our water bag. Not much after that. We found a dirt road and we went down it and camped and we played with Tarn's trucks.


  1. 如果你批評他人。你就沒有時間付出愛.........................

  2. Hi Guys,

    Wow, you have cycled all the way to MExico! What an accomplishment for all of you but especially your kids. Imagine how cool that will be for them to tell people they cycled to MExico when they were younger than 10. ANYTHING is possible.
    I wonder what hardships you are encountering, if any. We found lack of quiet time was an issue on our 6 month journey by campervan. We were parenting 24/7. Any struggles that way?

    Do you have contacts in MExico City? We met 2 doctors and their 20 yr old daughter while hiking the "sinkhole of the parrots" They speak English and I'm sure would be happy to host you in some capacity if you are interested. Email me if you want their contact info!

    Liz Tompkins Ignore the Beatice handle

    Have fun.

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