Monday, November 28, 2011

Sherbrooke to Montreal

The mom and Markos outfit - Tarn takes a break at a park. Cattail in front right pannier travels with us for three-day leg to Montreal.

The World Expo site on Isle St. Helene, originally each triangular structure held a solid panel until a fire altered its image.

While enjoying the old town of Montreal, Tarn joins this street magician to entertain the crowd.

The ride from Sherbrooke to Montreal took us three days. Camping seemed easy enough, given a little creativity and awareness of options. Some excerpts from the boys' journals:

Tarn: Aug 14 Today was our first day on our trip. Sampson and Markos are eating plums. There is an apple tree nearby our camp. We are camping near a hotel. I like eating the plums. We are about to have dinner. There is a Santa House by our camping place. I am very hungry.

Markos: Aug. 15: We have red lentils for dinner. Today we had a very flat day because there were no hills. We asked some people to camp and they said we could camp in their back yard. I saw a bunch of bikes go by because we are next to a bike path. The fastest we went was 27 kilometres per hour and we biked for 4 hours and a half.

Tarn: Aug 16. We are camped at a cool camping place. For breakfast we had egg sandwiches. Right now we are at a library. Today we went seventy-two km. Today we got a cool kind of lemonade. The lemonade is a funny name in French "Limonade"

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