Sunday, August 20, 2017

Quetico Canoeing and Artic Landing

The entrance to the Quetico Provincial Park - a 7 day canoe trip is planned for Rick and Tanya, the boys are at summer camp.
Rushing high water between lakes, we took the portages in between.
Chanterelle mushrooms I found on the trail, just before I stumbled with a heavy pack and sprained my ankle.  It shortened our trip canoe trip but the good news: just a stressed ligament, biking will be no problem in when we head to Norway next week.
We spent time checking out with North American friends and family - this is my dad and I, we started our canoe trip from his cabin in Northern Minnesota ...
and then we checked in with our wonderful friends, Maria and Nils Jergen in Tromso, Norway.  We will spend our next days preparing the bikes for our journey and touring this region above the Artic Circle on a 2 week 50th birthday trip for Rick with friends from Calgary.
Arctic flowers on a day hike on Vangsoy Island.
Here are the youth of Rick's birthday ride warming up at a Tromso play park. 

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