Saturday, September 30, 2017

We begin Eastern Europe in Estonia

These gigantic large-people communal swings pop up everywhere you look.

Asters - the flower of Fall.  Sampson took this photo of a butterfly on a late afternoon snack break the night before we arrived Tartu.

We spotted a sign for disc golf in a small village - this was an extended course, 18 holes and most long, par 4's.  Discs are an important part of our travel gear (up there with our solar powered tent lights.)
This type of black and white stylistic wall art has appeared repeatedly throughout Estonia.

Our tiny kitchen at the Air BNB in Tartu.  The clothes washer is the appliance in the corner, the shower door is a meter from the table on the wall opposite the window.  It was perfect for a rainy day off.
Tarn perusing the English language book selection at the hipster coop collective of Aparaaditehas, Tartu.

Great things about Estonia:
Fall days and sunshine. Quiet roads following the EuroVelo Route 2 and 4 so far.
Gorgeous, old stone masonry walls of houses, farm buildings and bridges.
Old, old, buildings.  Some refurbished and in continued use, others in ruin along the roadside.
A history to observe.  Manor houses remaining from the time of Germanic dominance, windmills upon hill crests.  Roads leading to tiny villages lined with planted mature trees.
A welcoming and kind population.  Easy camping and access to daily shopping and clean water.
Hipster black and white spraypaint art on city walls,
Kids' little plastic potties and child chairs in restaurants and gas stations.
Solid rye bread and more affordable prices on the grocery bill and boxes of wine.

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