Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Our life in pictures - Week 3 in Vietnam

Markos, dunes and the wind.
Dragon Fruit - the center just pops out as you peel back the outer layer.
Nước mía and Sarsi pop, our daily afternoon cool down.
Fantastic views earned by innumerable coastal climbs.
Markos and Sampson hit the surf in yet another sea - the South China.
Assembling spring rolls using our "India" sitting-on-the-floor skills in our hotel room.
Coastal calm and clouds.
Com dia, broth soup with greens.  Our most common lunch on the road.  88cents.
Fish at the open-air market.
Saturday night at the town square, the McFerrins catch a ride.
What one thing would you bring on this trip - no limit.
Markos: Vera, our cat
Sampson: a friend
Tarn: a satchel of books

What day have you been in the most pain on this trip?
Rick: The last day I rode in Finland before I took two weeks off the bike - my foot looked like Froder's.
Markos: In Sweden when it rained all day and it was freezing cold - I couldn't feel my hands or feet.
Sampson: When I burnt my lips in India.

Questions of the day help us check-in in the morning and set us up for a day of success.

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