Friday, April 20, 2018

Laos Leaves a Lasting Impression

Plain of Jars site 2 near Phonsavan, Laos
The karst limestone formations that we've traveled through for the past weeks.
Simple village living in the mountains of northern Laos. Nothing for sale here.  I guess they live off the land?  So much we don't know and just make up answers for.
Muang Khoun - a historic town that where we took a day off.  Low key, interesting place, a great place to rejuvenate the body.
Another Plain of Jars shot - we spent a day exploring 3 sites near Phonsavan.  We've reached a point in our trip where "moving forward" is not the goal, but exploring and making the most of where we are.
Beauty comes in tiny sizes also in Laos.
Downtime while we wait to set up tents at dusk (the kids viewing us from the bridge above no doubt would come in closer if we set them up mid- afternoon.  Sometimes we need our own space!) We are high in the mountains and there is no guest house for miles.  A young fellow knew exactly where to recommend we camp - no English of course but obviously a "like" mind.
Looks like a sea of green!  Lots of veggie choice now that we have re-entered Vietnam in the north.  In contrast Laos was simple, calm, fewer people and fewer food options to choose from.

We are entering the final phase of our Southeast Asia experience - the approach to Hanoi (now just five bike days away), booking a special treat - a cruise in Ha Long Bay, and confirming flights to Japan, set now for May 2.  All our clothes are in tatters.  The sun and nightly washing out of sweat and dust has rendered them to rags.  Vietnam is a great place to replenish clothing.  This afternoon we were able to bargain prices to the right range - less than $5US an item.  Everyone needs a warm layer for the cooler Spring climate we will find in Japan, AND, the gain in muscle and loss of mid section inches mean clothes need to fit our current physique.

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