Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lava Beds National Monument

Markos' journal, Sept 17 - I will write about what I see. I see a bush. On the bush there are yellow flowers and lots of green little leaves. It has a skinny brown stem. I am writing about a bush. It is fun.

Sampson writes, Sept 17 - Today we biked to Lava Beds National Monument. At the lava caves we went in the visitor center and watched a video about the lava caves and the Modoc Indians. After that we went to the desk and rented some flashlights. Later we went to Mushpot Cave, an underground cave with a paved trail and lights. It also had some signs and buttons. After that we walked down the trail to the upper end of Sentinel Cave, it had no lights and a rocky trail. A little ways into it we all held hands and turned off our lights because we wanted to see how dark it was. When we were out we walked back and gave our lights back. Later we biked to the campground.

Tarn's thoughts...Sept 18- "Finding Snail Shells" I found snail shells in Eagle Lake. The ones in the water are alive and the ones out of the water were not alive. Some are big some are small. They are all white.

Ben's Freezer Fudge recipe...l

nut meats (fresh pecans from California, go in season and buy a big bag)
shredded coconut
cocoa (good stuff)
honey (more excellent, incredible stuff)

Combine in a food processor, shape in balls and freeze overnight

Tanya's realizations
Concerns about the modern world? There have been only good people we've met, crazy amazing parents, keepers of the earth and real people.


  1. Hi Tanya and Rick

    Probably about a month ago you met a cycling couple, Lars and Jenny in southern Washington. You rode across the Astoria bridge together.

    Lars is our friend, and we are currently staying with him for a few days on our way back to Vancouver. My husband Florian, I and our now five year old boy Chan, have been cycling for the past three years from Vancouver down to the southern tip of Argentina.

    Lars mentioned, you were interested in our contact. This is our blog and you can contact us through it:
    If you have the choice between explorer or firefox, use firefox, it works better with it.

    You are on an interesting journey yourselves right now and I would love to hear about it, especially how traveling works out to be for you as a big family.

    Good luck on your ride south. All the best!

  2. Tanya, you are an inspiration.

  3. I like to see a map about your travel.
    I am wating for you, in Chile


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