Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rick's 42nd Birthday and Off the 101

Menu for Rick's 42nd Birthday Dinner - Lincoln City, OR

Cedar Plank Chinook Salmon specially marinated and grilled by Dave Martin
Oven Roasted Rosemary Garlic Potatoes
Mango Salad with Cilantro, Red Onions, Garlic, fresh Jalapenos, Black Pepper and Lime
Grilled Garden Vegies
Brownies served with fresh Strawberries

from Markos, a peach-coloured sea star
from Sampson, a Chinese Checker game
from Tarn, a colored sea lion picture
from Tanya, a giant artichoke

Two days off, our last weekend of tide pools, sea life and sand.

Good-bye to Hwy 101, the multitude of bikers we met and camped with, the skinny bridges without shoulders, the coastal views and the huge tree/lush forest coolness juxtaposed to the brown hot clear-cuts.

Florence, OR - afternoon off for Rick to rebuild Tanya's rear wheel, a faulty rim had split in numerous places
Sawyer Rapids RV park - Rick discovers the remaining three rims have cracks, three hours later and through extensive use of Rick's problem solving techniques a plan evolves. The result: we are back on the road with all rebuilt wheels the next day. How? Joe comes to the rescue and picks up/delivers three new re-built wheels thanks to coordination with Co-motion Chuck and Pete, and Dave the wheel builder (HUGE thanks Dave!!!) How did it happen that of all places in the trip so far, we happen at this time to be closest to Eugene, where the bikes were manufactured???

Upcoming Events: Climbing back over the Cascades, up to Crater Lake and on through the Lava Beds of Northern California.


  1. Hi Tarn, Marcos, Sampson, Tanya and Rick.
    We miss you every day and it's so nice that we can follow you here!!!
    After a very nice summer with a lot of guests from Denmark and three weeks of camping in BC and AB - we are now back in school, hockey and preschool for Karen Lilli and me, yes I became the assistant preschool teacher and today I also got my permanent residency!!!

  2. Hi, McFerrrin family,
    We met on the Oregon coast. We, two ladies with cameras and traveling in our RV's, asked to take your picture. We arrived back in Texas mid-October. I am following your journey and wish you great weather and happyy trails. Barb Jones


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