Monday, May 17, 2010

oHIo - Farmland, Industry, and Family

The Black River rushes towards Lake Erie, just west of Cleveland, Ohio.

Tarn selects only the finest of fresh greens for a tasty feast from Lisa and Ken's garden, Oberlin, Ohio.

Saddlebreds race by at a fast clip clop, a common occurrence at the county fairgrounds where we often camp.

"Look who I found in my shoe!" Morning wake-up at Meramec State Park, Missouri.

Bill and five of his step-great grandchildren, can you believe this healthy young guy turned 100 years old? Bella Vista, Arkansas

Sampson, Markos and Tarn get the "royal" treatment, Mormor and Grandad take us all to a Kansas City Royals game. American baseball at it's best.

Yes, these pictures show quite diverse locations - not really reachable by bike. Sometimes a lot happens in just a few weeks! The 100th birthday party of Bill Wanamaker, Rick's step grandad is a celebration we were honored to attend. The location: Bella Vista, Arkansas. We left our bikes and gear with friends in Cincinnati. The ten hour one-way rental car experience was a rude reminder of the zooming fast pace of life we generally are able to avoid. Fortunately, visits to several of Rick's family were part of our car-trip excursion. Then back to Cincinnati for an excellent send off by way of 70 miles of park land path - the Little Miami River Rails to Trails route. We cycled north/northeast through the back roads of Ohio, arriving near Cleveland, at my sister's home. We head out tomorrow, this time traveling west, making the turn onto a direction that will eventually guide us home to Calgary by mid August.


Small farms, white barns, little roads and trails.
Honeysuckle, darting birds, water drained from fields.
Cool weather, dish gloves, county fairground shelters.
Lightning bolts, thunder claps, cold fronts moving through.

Warm hosts, tasty feasts, comfy beds and showers.
Steel mills, "brown fields"- industry revealed.

Organ pipes, piano parts, a destination reached.
Cousins and fun, and finally, the emergence of the sun.


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