Monday, April 26, 2010

My Old Kentucky Home

These large black barns had long hinged vertical openings along the sides to allow air to pass through and cure the tobacco. Quilt patterns painted on their sides preserve the heritage of the region.

Sampson, Markos and Tarn love to share their experience. In Springfield, KY they had the opportunity to speak to a gym packed with students full of questions.

Stormy skies are beautiful to watch, and often lead us to seek out new friends and shelter. Our experience is enriched by the wonderful people who welcome us into their lives.

The interior of a 200 year old southern church. The congregation - close knit families, a community support system.

Spring "killer" lambs and their mother.

"We've crossed the Mississippi (River), the Tennessee River, the Ohio River..." actually Tarn went on to list three or four more rivers too - his grasp of our adventure is baffling.

There's always something to look at and wonder as we travel along the road.

The waitresses of the Corner Cafe, Westmoreland, KY, treated us to an amazing spread of Southern comfort food and hospitality!

Another of Sampson's many animal friends along the way, this time at the Nashville Zoo.

Hollers (hollows) and backbone ridges - Kentucky's built us into steel machines. The tiny rural roads guide us to warm and heartfelt people. The land of Daniel Boone and Abraham Lincoln - dulcimers and American Saddle Bred horses.

Tanya's Song of the South

Texas mesquite, cattle, Black's BBQ
Friends and cousins
The wind always blew.

Louisiana crawfish, the Cotton Gin
Dollar General, levies and bayous

Mississippi Dogwood, Red Bud,
Cypress trees
The road, RVs and wild turkeys.

Alabama- Markos lost his second tooth
Learned of journeys and stones
A history unearthed.

Tennessee hills, biscuits
more barbecue,
Cousin Keri and Mike, a trip to the Nashville Zoo.

Kentucky is families that go way back
The quilt trail, two entry houses
and 'baccy (tobacco) barns of black.

We're still headed north - one more stop to make
then westward bound is the road we'll take.

Sampson's journal
April 22 Greenville, KY (guests of the city in the Canoe Trail cabins)
Today we woke up and I read my "Harry Potter" book and then I got dressed. Later Dad made eggs and salty ham for breakfast. After breakfast we did school and the Bobby came over and gave us our (business) cards that we ordered. (Bobby was the man that Dad had asked to make the cards.) Then we played in the rocks and water and then left. An hour later we got to Cambelleville and went to the CVS and had a granola bar for snack there. Then we went to a grocery store and Markos and Dad went in and Tarn and I and Mom read some. Later we got to a little country store and got some fresh hamburgers and onion rings for lunch. After lunch we played a little bit of pool at the country store. Later we biked to Springville and a guy invited us to stay in his little community center. It had a mural of Barak Obama and Moses on the side, it read, "The leaders may change, but the rules stay the same." (The Ten Commandments where written between the two leaders.) Later we took a walk around town and then did our journals. We had vegetable soup for dinner.

Markos journal
April 23 (Steve and Marianne's, Springfield, KY) Today we had french toast for breakfast and I helped Mom make french toast. After breakfast we did our math work, then we had a muffin outside. Then, we walked to the horse stable and we saw a horse pulling a buggy with a man in it. Today we saw some big horses that were called Saddlebred.
April 26 (Steve and Donna's, a family dinner, a dry cozy home and a ride into Cincinnati) Today we had jelly on bread and fruit for a little something to eat before breakfast. Then Donna made eggs and bacon for breakfast. After breakfast we played a little game of hang man and it was fun. Then we went outside in the garage and we put our stuff in the trunk (of the car.)


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