Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Oregon Coast

Markos writes: Aug 21 In the campsite I found lichen, mossy bark, and white bumpy bark and moss and dried-up fern.

Tarn at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, Aug 24 : The cheese factory is cool because all the cheese is moving all around. It was getting packaged.

Sampson writes about Lewis and Clark following a visit to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center:

In 1803 Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark on an expedition to explore the Northwest. The reason why was because they wanted to find out what was there. They traveled the Missouri River by boat, over the Montana Great Falls by horse, and down the Columbia River by canoe. They brought lots of food for their trip and they hunted and traded with the Indians for food and drank brandy on special occasions. Sometimes they didn't have any food so they killed a horse for stew. On the expedition 30 to 50 people came and 31 of them survived. Sacagewea and the Corps of Discovery came and so did Lewis and Clark.

Tanya's thoughts: Writing curricula packages for travel by bike would be a breeze. It's amazing how much incredibly cool stuff just happens across our path. I didn't set out on this journey as an "educational experience" for Sampson, Markos and Tarn, but more as a family adventure. However, given the variety and complete immersion of our experiences on the road, I would have no problem selling this adventure as a complete educational experience. For example, our brush with salmon: watching salmon sport fishing, salmon hatcheries (and camping by one), learning about hatchery salmon vs. wild salmon, the salmon life cycle, following salmon streams and watching the fish fight the current, a visit to the aquarium... to say nothing about the water system through the State of Washington, or what about the sea life and seashore of the Oregon Coast?


  1. Loving the blog! I know updating these things from the road can be a drag sometimes, so please know that your efforts are appreciated! I toured the west coast last year - enjoy the beautiful rugged oregon and northern california coast. Looking forward to more pictures.

  2. Hi Guys,

    We travelled that same highway on our way back from Mexico and thought of you very often and what an amazing trip it would be on a bike.
    When you get to Florence Oregon be sure to try sandboarding! It's just like snowboarding but way warmer. The Jessie M Honeyman State park has camping, showers, a lovely lake and lots of sand. It's like something from another world. Sandboards are cheap to rent and I guarantee the kids will LOVE it.

    Keep up the great blog- you'll love to look at it yourself when you get home.

    Liz Tompkins


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