Monday, March 29, 2010

Tin Roofs and Bayous, Eastern Texas to Louisiana

Sampson turns #9, luckily the birthday jersey Rick has carried from Mexico still fits!

Neat and up kept, the architecture of the southern USA speaks of times past.

The boys making breakfast, a cozy day off in Carol's farm kitchen/barn apartment.

"...the bluebonnets will be out in a couple of weeks..." but for now, Indian Paint Brush and other roadside flowers aren't too bad!

Buttercup decided to visit our camp, "Gentle as a kitten", but a heavy breather when she's standing outside your tent in the middle of the night!

Carol's Pan-fried Garden Chard

Wash Chard, slice and toss while slightly wet into iron skillet. Cook over a hot flame with a bit of olive oil and oyster sauce. Delicious!

Markos' Journal
March 17 Robin and Eric's, Austin, TX Today we had bagels with butter for breakfast. After breakfast my brothers played outside and I sewed a little bag to put my marbles in. Dad went away to fix his tooth, then we had lunch. For lunch we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
March 21 Jody and Susan's, New Waverly, TX Today we had an omelet for breakfast. After breakfast we did our math work. When we were done doing our math work we made some fishing poles out of a stick and some fishing line and a hook and I put a little alive fish on my hook. Then we had to make two more for Tarn and Simon. When we were done making those two fishing poles we went down to the lake to fish. I did not catch any but my fish got a little nibbled.

Sampson's Journal
March 24 Browder's Marina Campground, Livingston Reservoir Today I woke up and I read a chapter from Narnia and then we did math and dad made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and they were really hard to flip. Later we packed up and went to the public library and read books and mom sent some e-mails and went on the computer. Dad read us some "Ranger Rick" magazines. Later we went to the super market and bought some fruit and vegetables and meat. Then we went to a restaurant called "The Hop" and we went there for lunch and got an "Everything" pizza and dad got a burger. After lunch we rode down a road for about ten miles and got to a turn off to a lake and we went there. Next we asked at a store for a pass to an RV park and we bought one. Then we went to the RV park and set up the big yellow tarp and took showers and built roads (in a sand pile) and did journals. Dad made fajitas for dinner.
March 25 Hilda and Donald's yard, Hortense Today I woke up and it was raining and I could hear thunder and see lightning flashing above the tent so I read a chapter of "Narnia". Later I got out of the tent and got packed up and went over to the shelter and dad made boiled eggs for breakfast that were hard to peel. After breakfast we packed up the kitchen bag and went. Later we got to Livingston and went to a book store and gave some books and got some books. Then we went birthday shopping for my birthday and mom got one thing. Next we went to another store and got some party plates and a banner and candles for my birthday and Markos and Tarn got a present. Later we went to get a BBQ slab of ribs. After lunch we kept biking and got into a forest and went up and down. Later we asked to camp at a person's house and she said she would ask her husband and he said yes. We had egg scramble for dinner


  1. your story is amazing....I just found you via my friend Carol in Carmine...I will follow you. Travel safe and be well!

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