Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Creating a calendar/to do list

It's two and a half weeks into the calendar we created and we are on course. Rick and I set down a Sunday evening and charted out the time we have left until we leave and what needs to get done before that. Homeschooling, information retrieval, the maintenance and growth of Two Wheel View - Rick's charity while we're gone, etc. Mentally, we could set out tomorrow. Physically, well, we're counting on our bodies pulling through those first days and becoming stronger as the miles pass by us. But the tasks to complete before July15th are a few. We've been focusing on completing house projects in these past two weeks. Why pack away things that have been waiting to be installed in the house? We've finally replaced some light fixtures that we've been wanting to, and sealed up drafty windows. Motivation definitely helps tie the knot on some of these projects. With many things to think about, a time line of when we are focusing on what helps us achieve peace of mind that we indeed will be ready and prepared for our journey.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

almost Easter

Rick met up with the board of TWV this week to begin putting in place support systems allowing TWV programs to continue to function and grow during our journey. The charity is ready to move beyond just "Rick", we have amazing people on board to carry out his vision.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Rick and Tanya are currently focusing on their daily lives. Rick is a dad and founder and director of Two Wheel View, a charitable organization that provides leadership, environmental and cultural education programs to young people through their participation in bicycle education and expedition programs. Tanya is a mom and a dayhome provider/teacher to several wonderful children.

Together they are organizing the next few months to accomplish the many small and big tasks that comprise a smooth and prepared exit from Calgary and readiness for their year's travel ahead.

Tonight's plan: creating a calendar of what remains to be done, and when that should happen.