Monday, December 12, 2011

Cycling the St. Lawrence Seaway, Montreal to Quebec

Tarn's Journal:
August 18, 2011 Today we rode sixty-five km. Dad is making dinner. A freighter went by. There is another freighter anchored down just sitting there. I am writing in the sand right now. There is a freighter going by right now. I lost an eraser in the sand and now I found it. Here come two freighters. I have seen six freighters today. There are ducks and seagulls on the lake. I can see a giant building.

August 19, 2011 Today we saw windsurfing and kite surfing on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Today we met these two guys named Simon and Pierre. One of them, Pierre, was from Quebec and the other was from England. Mon and I are eating macaroni. We are camping in someone's back yard.

Sampson's Journal:
August 19th, 2011 Friday
Right now I am sitting in a hanging blue chair that is hung by a tree. Markos is setting up tents with Mom and Tarn is looking for his journal. We are camped out in this woman's backyard who has four kids but they are away for the weekend. We got here because this guy named Pierre was not able to host us on "Warmshowers" so he let us camp in his friend's backyard. In her backyard there is a trampoline and a table and lounging chairs. Today we met this guy named Simon and he was from England. He was biking the same direction as us and we had a tailwind. Tarn is asking Mom ideas for his journal.

Markos' Journal
Aug 19th, 2011
Today we saw some kite surfers on a beach and a person was coming in. Sampson just read his journal to us. In this back yard they have a trampoline. When I finish my journal Sampson and I will go out front to play hockey, shooting on their goal. There is a marmot living under the garage. He came out to see us.