Thursday, August 31, 2017

Destination Sommarøy: Rick's 50th year birthday bike ride celebration

Sampson, Markos and Tarn with Judith, the mother of our dear friend Nils-Jørgen. Two Wheel View Norway bike trips have the special treat of visiting her home across from the Lyngen Alps and being served coffee and Norwegian lefse.  I have now fulfilled a commitment and dream of mine to bring my boys to meet her too.

Markos is geared up for the day's ride after a night stay at Arctic Fjord Camp.  Traveling with our friends from Calgary, Nick and Jonah Twyman and John and Garrett Larsen, we are enjoying the warmth of indoor accommodations during this two week 50th birthday bike tour and warm-up ride for the McFerrins.

A glacier view prior on our way to Øksfjord.  Bike travel along and between the fjords of Norway features incredible scenery - it's hard to select just one shot but that's how I simplify this blog!  Check out Sampson's blog for numerous scenic shots.

Reindeer stampede by us on a narrow one-lane tunnel bypass.  Today we've seen reindeer throughout the day, along the fjord, in the countryside, and on the road.

Our 50th Birthday ride crew.  The weather's been cool and rainy but everyone has met the challenge and made it a super trip.

Happy 50th birthday Rick!!!!

Tromsø to Tokyo begins tomorrow.  The two week birthday ride following the Two Wheel View Norway circle route is complete.  Calgary and Oslo friends arrived, Tromsø friends hosted.  Fun and sweat was had and our bodies and bikes are ready.  Summer is done, school by laptop computer on the road begins.  Our plan is to head to the Finnish border, 150 km, and then ride over the following weeks along the Finland/Sweden border to Helsinki. I am excited to begin the routine of the road and the comfort of the camp.  In these first days traveling on as a family of five, each of us will find roles that make this lifestyle smooth and allow for maximum intake of the incredible unknown before us.

a realization from Markos: "when all the voices around me are in a foreign language, I am not distracted at all"

a bit of Tanya text:
Saturday Aug 26 Gildetun to Arctic Fjord Camp, 44 km

magenta thistles
periwinkle harebells
white to powder-pink yarrow waving in the wind
volumes of water coursing down mountain streams
white-cap waves cross the fjord
water splat car wheels round blind corners, predicting the continuation of the hill you climb

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Quetico Canoeing and Artic Landing

The entrance to the Quetico Provincial Park - a 7 day canoe trip is planned for Rick and Tanya, the boys are at summer camp.
Rushing high water between lakes, we took the portages in between.
Chanterelle mushrooms I found on the trail, just before I stumbled with a heavy pack and sprained my ankle.  It shortened our trip canoe trip but the good news: just a stressed ligament, biking will be no problem in when we head to Norway next week.
We spent time checking out with North American friends and family - this is my dad and I, we started our canoe trip from his cabin in Northern Minnesota ...
and then we checked in with our wonderful friends, Maria and Nils Jergen in Tromso, Norway.  We will spend our next days preparing the bikes for our journey and touring this region above the Artic Circle on a 2 week 50th birthday trip for Rick with friends from Calgary.
Arctic flowers on a day hike on Vangsoy Island.
Here are the youth of Rick's birthday ride warming up at a Tromso play park.