Friday, July 27, 2018

We Took The Long Way Home

It's my 49th birthday.  We celebrate the day before during our day off in Fruitvale at a campground with a disc golf course!  Rick grills up a chicken BBQ with corn on the cob and coal-baked potatoes.

Roadside flowers that follow the morning sun and close up in the afternoon, appearing to be weeds in strict contrast to their incredible morning show.

The boys had just been lamenting their loss of sailing this summer as they weren't at their usual summer place - Camp Mishawaka.  However, low and behold we were hosted that night by a Warm Showers couple who treated the boys to access to their Hobie Cat, as well as a competitive game of Settlers of Catan.

An Elvis siting?  I think this guy was an imposter.  He showed up on our path as we pedaled another part of the Kettle Valley Trail.

Living outside...Sampson will especially miss the daily jump into a cooling waterway on our path.

I celebrate my birthday all July long.  This is another of my birthday treats.  Vanilla ice cream, craisin walnut oatmeal cookies and fresh strawberries.

The mountains in BC are endless.
Our last 3 weeks ride, Vancouver to  Calgary, an intentionally drawn out and thoughtful return home  - such a key part of our transition back to our life living a more "normal" lifestyle.  The ride has been fantastic.  It seems as though we've climbed innumerable passes (summits) but indeed I think it has just been 6 thus far - 2 more to go.  We've been astounded by the Selkirk Mountains, the Purcells, and now that we are about to cross the Rockies I do believe these mountains of ours (Calgary's) are really the most special of all.  The route we've traveled appears quite circuitous if you view it on a map - why would we add numerous kilometers to our return-to-Calgary-route that does need to meet a timeline? (Sampson's diploma exam for English, August 1 and 3, lurks just days away).  Our choice of route follows the same program we've followed the entire journey - make the most of opportunities that pop up in your path.

The last few days have been peppered with press.  Rick sent a note to the Calgary Herald, "Would they be interested in covering our story in the news? The note received an affirmative.  The initial article, first in the news blog and then in the physical paper was followed by several more interviews with local publications.  It's fun to talk about our journey, and I hope we are getting better at expressing the entertaining bits to people who find our trip of interest.  I guess I hope to get across the point, that for me, the trip is all about experiencing the great unknown successfully with the result of each of us attaining priceless respect for each other.  What more could a mother of three teenagers want?l

I will drink in the last remaining four ride days of the road home.  I offer to each person we brushed paths with on this trip a sincere appreciation for their involvement, support and additions to this incredible year we've had. Our life in Calgary and the upcoming adventures here await.

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